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Lip flip is when Botulinum toxin is used instead of filler to enhance the lip volume by rolling the lip forward.

Botulinum toxin can also be used to help reduce a gummy smile.

A gummy smile is when teeth and a significant amount of gums show when a person smiles. There are a variety of causes, from jaw and teeth development issues, to large teeth.



How it works?

During a Botox® or anti-wrinkle injection treatment, botulinum toxin is safely injected into specific muscles, in extremely small therapeutic quantities.

It works by prohibiting signals from the nerve cells reaching muscles, therefore paralysing them. It does this by preventing the release of a chemical transmitter called acetylcholine from nerve endings onto muscle cells, reducing the contraction of these muscles.

The muscle becomes temporarily paralysed and remains relaxed until the toxin has been broken down by your body. This reduces the movement of the skin above the treated muscle, causing a reduction in the formation and appearance of wrinkles.

Who is suitable?

If you are self-conscious about having a thinner lip when you smile or having a gummy smile, revealing more teeth and gum than you like when you smile, Botox® may be a potential treatment to address this.

Lip flip is great if you want to try out and see if a fuller lip and is sometimes used together with gummy smile to give you more coverage on your upper gum.

Side effects & risks

Some side effects include:

  • Temporary bleeding/bruising

  • Mild swelling

  • Post-treatment headache


More serious side effects can occur for treatment of other areas (e.g. double vision, drooping lip, difficulty swallowing or breathing, change of voice or difficulty pronouncing some words.

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