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Hyperhidrosis refers to excess sweat produced by the sweat glands unrelated to heat or activity. The nerves supplying the sweat gland are overactive. The condition has a genetic predisposition. Moreover, this kind of excessive sweating can be a reason for social stress.

Hyperhidrosis treatment for excessive sweating is quick, effective, and a game-changer for many! Botox blocks overactive sweat glands resulting in 4-6+ months of reduced sweating. For this reason, Botox for underarm sweating (UK) is now the most popular hyperhidrosis treatment.


How it works?

Botox works by temporarily blocking the chemical messages in nerves to sweat glands. Therefore, the sweat gland never receives the command to produce sweat.

Who is suitable?

Individuals over 18 years are fit for this treatment who have tried and tested other options such as antiperspirants. In addition, constant changing of shirts during the day indicates significantly botox for underarm sweating treatment.

Side effects & risks

Underarms are generally easy to treat with high doses and little to no complication. Rarely, are there complications with botox for underarm sweating.

The skin is soft, making injections superficial and quick with minimal discomfort. Pain for Botox underarm sweating is comparably less than waxing in that region.

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